On Gaining over Losing and Constant Assessments

Do you remember that Mountain Biker I mentioned a few posts ago?

Well he won.

1st place for our boy! Congrats Mate!

1st place for our boy!
Congrats Mate!


Here’s a message he sent me:

“Dave thanks very much for your help the last couple of weeks, I can’t believe the difference a couple of sessions have made and really noticed a big difference on bike. Really looking forward to the next session”

While most of the coaches on the internet are bragging over helping someone lose something (weight, dress size, kg’s etc), I’m far more satisfied by seeing people gain something.

In this case it was a 1st place in a Mountain Bike enduro race.

I also had another member gain himself a podium place on his first ever triathlon event.

In both cases I admit I had very little input, more of a consulting role than anything else, but damn its satisfying hearing from these guys.

Few things make me happier than seeing people overcome some physical challenge and achieve a new level of performance.

But it all starts by taking a critical look at where that person is right now.

In this moment.


To observe them move, walk, squat, lift.

To listen to them talk about old injuries, current limiting factors and hopes for future performance goals.

Only then can we get them into the physical and hopefully the mental space that they need to be in in order to get where they need to go.

Only when we have a start point and an end point in place can we plan their journey.

Even as we move forwards through a session or a training program, that critical eye must never be dropped.

Every movement a client does is an opportunity for an assessment. From the minute they step onto the training floor, as they warm up, as they lift, as they stretch after training and even as they walk out.

As much as we do use actual recognised assessment techniques, it is this constant assessment that makes for the most effective and efficient coaching.

That is why you should train here.


Dave Hedges



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