Insure Your Body by Developing the Right Kind of Strength

“Hi Dave,

Just an email to let you know that after the last Motion is Lotion class on sat and what you have me doing for homework after our Anatomy in Motion session that I am finally 100 % pain free since Sunday morning .

I walked on grass in bare feet and did the same exercises you showed us sat morning . I felt energised after it and from head to toe I feel like i am completely upright for first time since a kid .

Posture hips and all the other dodgy parts are pain free . Feel free to share this email as I want people to know what they are missing from a training and postural correction point of view .

My Listowel marathon is sat 18 th and am ready to go

Best wishes

Shay ” the hips don’t lie” O’Brien”

Mind Over Metal Shay

This message just arrived in last night.

It serves as a timely follow up to a Facebook update I posted earlier that day inspired by another client I’ve been working with.

This other client is a Nurse. Not like most of my crew, she’s not into testing her mental and physical limits in competition or in a challenge event.
Nope, she does it at work.

And her body is telling the tale.

Hours of stress and irregular hours is taking its toll. So much so she was recommended to come her for an assessment.

And what did our assessment find?

She needs to train.

Not a surprising answer from someone who is a coach. But no less accurate.

But she can’t just do any old training. No she needs to take a leaf from Shay’s book above.

She needs to have a training program based on her specific needs, her weaknesses.
And not just thrown into a powerlifting program or metcon.

A program that deals with restoring proper movement, developing strength and essentially developing an insurance policy of strength that she can use to safeguard herself against the rigours of her job.

In all honesty, it’s exactly how we treat our competitive athletes.

Build them in such a way that they better handle their sport (job) and then take them beyond that so that they excel.

It’s also why I’m fussy about who we take on.

Some people think they know what they need when they walk in and don’t take kindly to being told otherwise.

Shay listens and applies.

Will you?


Dave Hedges





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