Motivation, Motivating & Mental Strength

Ok, so the last few posts here have very much been on the mental strength theme.

You could say they’re borderline motivational.

Motivation does fascinate me, but not in the facebook meme type of way.

Those ridiculous combinations of some quote or slogan over a picture of some idyllic landscape or water sprayed fitness model (no, its not real sweat, it’s oil and a spray bottle)

Click the image to read an excellent post on why these images are irresponsible and dangerous.

Click the image to read an excellent post on why these images are irresponsible and dangerous.

But better than motivation is determination.

A wont for something better and the willingness to strive for it.

Motivation ebbs and flows, willingness to work is more about attitude.
And attitude can be trained.

When you train to build this attitude, you develop mental strength. Building mental strength makes building physical strength easier.

The two elements, mental and physical, are inseparable.

Descartes was wrong. Plain and simple.

The body is not a vehicle for a higher mind. intellect does not trump physicality. They are not opposing features, they are complimentary.

Developing one helps the other.

I’ve witnessed this first hand during my travels through the martial arts as a student. I’ve seen it grow in the people I trained alongside, I felt it grow in myself.
I’ve seen my own clients during my years as a coach develop a steeliness and willingness to drive harder, push further and dig deeper.

And I’ve seen it develop in some of the most vulnerable people on the planet.

The guys I work with from the HOPS Centre for Mental Health, the guys who struggle daily with the simple act of getting out of bed, getting dressed and facing the world.
The people who suffer bouts of depression so deep they need 24 hour supervision, people who struggle to tell if it’s you talking to them or one of the voices in their head.

These guys that struggle with all this yet still come into Wild Geese, a gym known for its intimidating nature (people have walked in and then straight back out again on many occasions) it’s unforgiving standards. Yet they come in week in week out, do things they’ve been told they’d never be capable of doing and make real, tangible, recordable progress. Which is reflected in their mental health as recorded by the supervising staff in the centre.

Next Thursday we’re supporting the HOPS centre with a Pub Quiz.

We’re opening up next weeks Thursday to all comers. Usually Thursday evening is reserved for our advanced members only, but this week we’re both opening it up and starting a half hour earlier. In this way we can be finished and head around the corner to the Lombard pub and join the quiz.

So I’ll see you all at 6pm for a shorter, sharper Kettlebell Fitness session, then we’ll go support the HOPS guys with their pub quiz.

Final Poster Quiz 2015 einstein2print


Dave Hedges


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