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If you are determined to take your strength and conditioning to the next level, you have come to the right place.
Wild Geese training does not involve Cross-Trainers, Stairmasters or Rubber coated dumbbells that weigh less than your kit bag. We do however use Bodyweight, Barbells, kettlebells, Sandbags, in fact anything that you can lift, hit and/or throw to build a body and mind that is as strong and powerful as it looks.

Our training philosophy is based around a lifetime of martial arts training, where strength must be matched by speed, agility and endurance. Where your mind is taxed as much as your muscles. Where image is useless and only performance matters. If you train like a fighter, you will look like a fighter, you will perform like a fighter.

At Wild Geese we know that Form Follows Function and so we train to function at the highest level and our form shows it!

Training is available at our studio in Dublin 2, or we are available for travel to your own facility. However as our time and resources are in short supply, we will be selective of who we accept as clients.


Your Coach

In 1988 a slim, quiet, shy young lad walked into a Karate class and asked to join up. After being accepted as a student this shy young lad began to grow and develop, accelerating up the belts and showing a drive and commitment that surprised all who knew him.
Around 1993, now aged 16, this lad had reached the brown belt level, coming into the advanced grades. Something strange happened, he failed a grading and took a beating in the national Karate championships. He’d never failed nor been beaten so badly.
His instructor, Jack Parker had a simple piece of advice.

“Dave, if you want to progress, you have to get stronger”

And so began a journey.

First he trained with the school Rowing team, ranked in the top 15 schoolboy teams in the UK. Joining in their gym sessions formed the foundation of Dave’s strength and conditioning belief’s, heavy lifting and high intensity circuit training

Mountain Biking in the Lake District

Mountain Biking in the Lake District

After leaving school and moving to the English Lake District he found a passion for the mountains, spending almost all his free time running and Biking the trials. During this period he found the value of endurance work.
A few years spent traveling the world introduced him to other cultures and their various methods of training and the value of “No Equipment” style bodyweight training for when stuck in the middle of no-where.

After settling in Ireland, Dave decided to take training more seriously, reading literally hundreds if not thousands of articles, going from Marathon training to bodybuilding to power style lifting, testing everything to find the best method of training to best compliment and round out his martial arts skills.

Kettlebell Lifting

Kettlebell Lifting

He now trains mostly with Kettlebells and Bodyweight, but is well versed in a large manner of training methods using pretty much whatever tools are available.

This wide ranging experience and the willingness to learn and experiment has led Dave to become a training highly respected for his knowledge base, skill and versatility.
If you want to become a truly efficient athlete, you would do well to talk to him.



Personal Training Testimonial

As a triathlete with a love for lifting, one year things just started going wrong.  I’d experienced different leg injuries over a 6 month period and was finally diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in April 2008 (I was only 32 at the time).  No more running, impact sports or lifting – I was shattered mentally and physically.
I continued training without direction and became frustrated and resentful for the diagnosis.  I searched Dublin to find a personal trainer who could help me regain strength, fitness, to rebuild myself and train safely with my condition.  I was looking for a personal trainer that was a little different, somehow I found Dave and Wild Geese Personal Training.   It was the mixture of martial arts, kettlebells and no nonsense personal training that caught my interest.  From the offset Dave was completely committed to helping me work with the arthritis and to help ease me back into training (albeit not triathlon).
The first things he said to me when we talked about arthritis was the importance of flexibility and mobility.  Having lived with arthritis for over a year now, and experiencing its progression, his knowledge has been invaluable and his first thoughts were exact.  Using a range of training methods from bodyweights, Pilates, kettlebells to power lifting I’ve found a way to train without aggravating the arthritis.  It’s not been without trial and error of what I can and can’t do, but with Dave’s supervision and support, I now know my limitations.  Dave has also kept me level headed when I wanted to train more or run again, outside of my physical capacity.
He has tailored each of my workouts to how much pain I’ve been in, how I’m doing mentally and how my body has reacted physically.  My training sessions are great fun, whether I’m in a kiddies playground at a ridiculous hour of the morning or doing gym work.  I always leave the session buzzed, motivated and a little bit stronger, more flexible and more mobile.
Outside of the personal training workouts, Dave has spent his own time looking into my condition, passing on resources, websites and his own professional knowledge and support.  He’s been available whenever I’ve had a concern, injury or doubt.  Most of all he’s given me vision to see there are other goals to train for physically and mentally, aside of the arthritis.
I encourage anyone whether male, female, athlete or enthusiast to experience this rather unique style of personal training.  Having worked with some of the top personal trainers and sports coaches in Dublin, Dave Hedges is the most dedicated and versatile trainer I’ve found.
A huge thank you!”

Nicola Jones


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