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Do you want to know about me or do you want to know about the kind of people I train and the results they get?

Lets start by meeting some of our clients as they speak more about the effaciacy of our method and the kind of results I get with people than anything else.
You can read about me at the bottom of this page.


Seb post rehabAfter a near fatal motorcycle smash that left him needing a knee reconstruction.

The doctors told him he’d never squat or play BJJ again.

We proved them wrong.

Several months of gradual progressive training post surgery he was doing both, about a year after the crash he won gold at the BJJ European Championships, Heavyweight Purple Belt Division.




Has captained our Kettleheads Girevoy Sports Team on several occasions, always leading from the front and bringing home medals.

She solo’d 1100 miles running the Paris & London Marathons and the Dublin 1/2 marathon on consecutive weekends, travelled between them by bicycle to raise funds for charity.



After a car accident leading to several years of back pain, we’ve worked together to help her get out of pain and back to fitness.


Mind Over Metal Shay

Shay was in constant pain and barely able to move when he came to us. Since then he’s beaten rigor mortis and even taken up marathon running!

He also looks awesome in his Mind Over Metal T-Shirt


Came to us for supplementary strength training while he trained for his first ever Ironman triathlon.
He completed the training and finished the event in 10hrs 32seconds without picking up a single injury.

Aparently the 32seconds is killing him!


Vinnie runs and does triathlon.
He joined our Lunchtime Fitness and shaved 5 minutes from his sprint triathon (750m swim, 20km cycle, 5km run) time going from 1hr 10min to 1hr 5min over the same course to set an all time personal best.


A senior instructor for Kyokushin Ireland, he came out of retirement to train for and successfully complete a Kyokushin Karate 20 man kumite.

He also joined our Lunchtime Fitness sessions where we put together a program specific to his needs as an older athlete taking on such a massive physical challenge.


and there’s more……. Read their Testimonials HERE

And now me.

DSC_6115It all started when I was 16.
I was a brown belt in Karate and had just failed a grading test for the first time ever. I was also struggling in competitions.

This was when my instructor, Jack Parker utter the life changing phrase:

“Dave, you need to get strong”

And the rest is history.

Since then I trained with my school Rowing squad where I learned about combining strength, power and endurance. This training ensured I never again failed a grade.

Over the years that followed I trained a variety of martial arts, took up Mountain Biking, Fell Running, Strength Training until I landed in Ireland.

Here I qualified as a trainer by receiving the NCEHS certificate.
And then in no particular order:
Anatomy in Motion Lvl 2 practitioner
Certified Kettlebell Trainer Level 2 under Steve Cotter’s IKFF (www.IKFF.net)
National Level Kettlebell Coach under Vasily Ginko’s IUKL-IKSA
and more, it’s all on the wall when you come in to train….

Oh, and I’ve been featured by:
My Mad Methods magazine
Onnit Academy website
Sheer Strength Labs
Ben Bruno.com, TonyGentilcore.com, MuayEireann.com, Scott Birds Straight to the Bar daily and more.




Personal Training Testimonial

“Dave Hedges has one of the most effective teaching style I’ve encountered in any field. He helps you get real results by paying attention to your personality, your level of commitment, fitness, sport specific requirements not just at the start of a programme, but every time you step into the gym. His field of expertise is fitness, strength and martial arts but his skill is enabling clients to go past what they think they can do. Having trained regularly during his lunchtime sessions, he inspired the type of commitment in people that I had only previously encountered in comptetitive team sports. I would recommend Dave to any athlete, team or individual who needs to improve fitness and strength generally or target sport specific training”
Shane Dempsey


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