Welcome to Wild Geese Fitness Training.

If you are determined to take your strength and conditioning to the next level, you have come to the right place.
Wild Geese training does not involve Cross-Trainers, Stairmasters or Rubber coated dumbbells that weigh less than your kit bag. We do however use Bodyweight, Barbells, kettlebells, Sandbags, in fact anything that you can lift, hit and/or throw to build a body and mind that is as strong and powerful as it looks.

Our training philosophy is based around a lifetime of martial arts training, where strength must be matched by speed, agility and endurance. Where your mind is taxed as much as your muscles. Where image is useless and only performance matters. If you train like a fighter, you will look like a fighter, you will perform like a fighter.

At Wild Geese we know that Form Follows Function and so we train to function at the highest level and our form shows it!

Training is available at our studio in Dublin 2, or we are available for travel to your own facility. However as our time and resources are in short supply, we will be selective of who we accept as clients.


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