Online Personal Training

Online personal training is just that.

It’s a service where you get a training program designed specifically for your needs.

This isn’t like the majority of online services where the same generic program goes out to every client. If you want that, I post my lunch hour workouts on my WG-Fit Facebook page free of charge or you may but one of my eBooks.

Online training is personalised for you and time consuming for me.

Upon application for this service you will be asked for:

  • A history of previous training
  • An injury history
  • A list of wants & needs, short & longer term goals
  • Still shots of standing posture
  • Video clips of specific movement assessments
  • What, if any equipment you have access to.

Based on this, plus a few other questions, I will determine whether to accept the application.

If accepted you will be given a training program that is specific to your wants and needs.
This will include video footage of the exercises as well as written descriptions.

You will then be given email support on a weekly basis and the option of a skype call.

Online Personal Training costs €65 per month, CLICK HERE TO APPLY

If you don’t want the whole service, the individual parts are as follows:
Personalised Program Design (no follow up support): €50
Skype Coaching Call: €50/hr

Notes on the skype call:
This will scheduled for a time convenient to both parties.
The call content will be discussed and arranged by email to avoid time wasting and keep the call on schedule.