Personal Training

Get real results in real time, stop wasting time in the gym, make progress faster, in less time than your friends or your competitors

Personal training does exactly what it says on the tin.
This is the service for those who are genuinely serious about their training goals.
During a personal training session you will have my undivided attention while I take you through a training program that has been designed specifically for your individual needs and goals.

“Having worked with some of the top personal trainers and sports coaches in Dublin, Dave Hedges is the most dedicated and versatile trainer I’ve found.  A huge thank you!”
Nicola Jones, Dublin

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Personal Training includes:

  • Design your programme
    I don’t hand out generic programs. Each program will be built around your individual wants and more importantly, needs.
  • Exercise Instruction
    Proper exercise technique is vital. Technical proficiency allows for safe and effective progression and greatly reduces the risk for injury.
  • Regular Program Reviews
    The body adapts, that’s the point of training, to encourage adaptation. Every 4-6 weeks we will review the program to ensure continued progress.

You will have my undivided attention for the duration of each training session, ensuring proper form, adequate effort & intensity and genuine progression.

Training can be designed for:

  • Sports performance
  • Martial Arts & Combat Athletics
  • Body composition / fat loss
  • Self Defence
  • Power Generation for Strikers
  • Strength
  • Kettlebell Sport

If this sounds like something you feel you need feel free to drop me a line and set up a free consultation.
My time is limited, so only serious enquiries will be considered.

Our base Personal Training rate is €70/hr
For Semi Private and Small Groups rates can be negotiated according to the group size and dynamic.

Obviously with some programmes, particularly with kettlebell conditioning routines an hour isn’t necessary. You will only be charged accordingly.

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