Fighting Back:
How to stop back pain & Improve your bjj game

€15, PDF Download

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Click the image to Purchase

BJJ is tough on the body. This isn’t new information.
But few realise that the back pain that is rife amongst BJJ players is preventable.

Not only that but with an intelligent training program, the body can be strengthened to better resist the rigours of this fast growing sport.

Coach Dave explains why you hurt and what to do about it.
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Kettlebell Manuals

€5.99 each, PDF downloads

Level 1 Kettlebell manual, includes highly detailed instructions on the Swing, Squat & Press techniques, Joint Mobility and Power Breathing. For more details Click hereLevel 2 Kettlebell manual, builds on level 1 with more on the Swing, introducing the Clean, Push Press and the Turkish Get Up. Click the here for more info

Each manual contains highly detailed descriptions and photographs of each lift.
They stand alone as technique manuals or act as a reference to the information taught on our Kettlebell Workshops.
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W.M.D – Strength & Conditioning for the Martial Arts 

€15, PDF download

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WMD is based on the Wild Geese boot camp program, a highly effective training program that will take your athletic performance to a new level.

The program consists of 3 training days per week, with the option of a fourth, over a 4 week cycle. At the beginning and end of the cycle a fitness test is carried out to judge progress.
Each workout has a specific point, Day 1 deals with brute strength, Day 2 – cardio/endurance and Day 3 – high intensity circuits.

There is a bonus chapter covering our ever popular Power Circuits.
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No Equipment – No Excuses

€15, PDF download

Bodyweight Training eBook

No Equipment, No Excuses is an encyclopaedia of bodyweight training for anyone who trains in locations where there is no access to gym facilities.

Inside you will find dozens of exercises that will develop total body strength and stamina.
Non of the exercises require anything more than a few feet of floor space, maybe a belt or towel and the occasional piece of furniture.
With this book you genuinely will learn how to turn your body into a gym. Click Here for more info


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Need motivation? Click Here

42 personal stories of motivation, click here to download ’em

Motivation is a very personal topic.
So when I was being asked to write about it by some of my regulars I struggled. Then a thought struck me, why not leverage the power of Facebook and contact all the great coaches, athletes and training enthusiasts that I am connected with?

The result?
42 individual essays from 42 different points of view.
Some very personal, some just a few lines, others paragraphs of technical detail. Each one is a valid opinion from a person who walks the talk.
There are black belt martial artists, world renowned strength coaches and many more who have contributed.
The manual is free to download, simply click HERE and enter your email address.

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